When spam is sent CC using Joomla forms, it’s important to disable either the option to send an email copy, or the complete form. This post shows you how.

Log on to your MySQL database using PhpMyAdmin or MySQL cli. Then lookup the com_contact information in the prefix_extensions table:

SELECT * FROM `prefix_extensions` WHERE `name` = "com_contact"

Set “show_email_form”:”1″ and “show_email_copy”:”1″ to 0:

UPDATE `prefix_extensions` SET `params` = 

By setting both show_email_form and show_email_copy to 0 you completely disable the email form in Joomla. Only set show_email_copy to 0 to disable the CC option.

Flexi Contact

FlexiContact is a free contact form that is very easy to setup yet has enough features for most websites. 

FlexiContact Introduction

When FlexiContact is in use, disable the send a copy option by setting
show_copy to 0 for the component com_flexicontact. You can do this the same way as for Joomla’s com_contact.