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WordPress performance tuning: high performance WordPress sites and hosting

Ease WordPress Plugin updates by clearing PHP opcode caches first

WordPress updates, like Core-, plugin- and themes, sometimes fail because of enabled PHP opcode caches. Popular PHP opcode caches are OPcache, WinCache and APC. Flushing these opcode caches first eases the WordPress update process. And here is a Must Use Plugin to flush OPcache cache

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Test Post with a Tag with Commas

As the title says, this is a WordPress post with a comma separated tag. This is done using a WordPress filter, are you interested in the code?
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Create smaller WP-Super-Cache supercache files

Currently Vanilla-WP runs with WP-Super-Cache enabled, and my abandoned Database Cache disabled. The fun part of WP-Super-Cache as caching plugin is, it allows the usage of plugins. Yes, a plugin for a plugin 🙂 . One of those plugins is WPSCMin, by Joel Hardi.
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Save more with a MySQL database cache for WordPress

After enabling WinCache as an object cache back-end, and OPCache for opcode caching, WordPress performance can be further improved by adding a database cache.

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“Optimize WordPress MySQL tables through Cron, behind the scenes”

Optimize WordPress MySQL tables through Cron, behind the scenes provides and describes a plugin to regularly optimize your MySQL database tables, to improve WordPress performance.

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