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Delete spam comments after three (3) days

How to change Akismet interval to three days instead of 15 days for deleting spam comments.

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Bacon Ipsum

Spicy jalapeno bacon ipsum dolor amet tongue ham pork loin shankle ribeye cow t-bone pastrami. Burgdoggen ribeye pancetta, bresaola frankfurter venison alcatra short loin corned beef. Chicken sausage capicola shankle, ground round brisket drumstick burgdoggen meatloaf alcatra. Salami ham alcatra chicken t-bone pork belly.

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Test Post with a Tag with Commas

As the title says, this is a WordPress post with a comma separated tag. Sometimes this comes in handy, for example when you want to display a taxonomy called “restaurant, bar” or a city and it’s country: “Groningen, the Netherlands”. This is all done using a simple WordPress filter, are you interested in the code?

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